What Is Simple Syrup?

32 oz Simple Syrup for Cocktails by Collins

What is simple syrup?

We all have a general idea, yet still ask ourself, what is simple syrup? Simple syrup, also called sugar syrup, is a solution of sugar in water.  You would think that adding this solution to your drinks would leave a gummy, sticky mess at the bottom of your glass, but in fact, you do not need to worry about it settling at the bottom of your cocktail. This sweetener can serve as a perfect substitute for cane sugar because the sugar is already dissolved into the syrup.

Simple syrup is a common ingredient in drink recipes, whether you’re making cocktails, alcoholic beverages or iced coffee. Being a very basic, indispensable part of drinks, the Simple syrup is an absolute necessity to stock in your kitchen or a bar.

Simple syrup can also be used to sweeten foods, such as fruits and baked goods. It is usually drizzled over desserts or used to glaze them. Some bakers like to use simple syrup on layer cakes to help keep them moist. Just make sure to brush or sprinkle it on the cake in moderation to avoid making the layers too sweet or too soggy.

In addition, simple syrup adds a rich volume to drinks and can be used in batches as you wish and stored in an airtight bottle before placing in a refrigerator.

Where to buy simple syrup?

A simple syrup for cocktails is a must have!

If you’ve made a cocktail lately, chances are you added some simple syrup to the mix. Simple syrups for drinks can also be infused with flavour and used to add a unique twist to your taste buds: From herbs and spices to fruits and fun flavour combinations, the flavour possibilities with simple syrup are endless.

The great thing about simple syrups is that just as sugar is used in cooking as a preservative, simple syrups have a decent shelf life when prepared and stored properly in a sterile container in the refrigerator. With our simple syrups, you can be sure of storing from several months up to a year.

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