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New Orleans Style Mild Olive Muffalata 16 oz

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New Orleans Style Mild Olive Muffalata 16 oz

Olive Muffalata is a delicious blend of ripe, juicy olives and select minced vegetables, New Orleans best-kept secret. Our vegetables are individually grouped and preserved RAW in separate crocks, retaining the delicate balance of flavors. Then…we marry’em creating
tasty small batches.

Now you can obtain this secret ingredient for much less than the airfare into NOLA.

Flavor Profile: Salivating, lip-smacking olive characters blended with succulent vegetable flavors that will dazzle your palate…placing it in the heart of the French Quarter.

Usage recommendations: Toss into or on: cream cheese, marinara,pasta, salmon, sea bass,chicken roasts, sandwiches, pizza, hamburgers, salads,eggs, etc.

Raw Ingredients: Select Ripe Olives, Cauliflower, Peppers, Celery, Carrots, Spices, Pure Soybean Oil.