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Collins Amarena Cherries - The Bartender's Cherry™ - 13.5 oz

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Collins Amarena Cherries truly deserve to be called the Bartender’s Cherry™. Dark, wild, rich, and complex -- Amarena Cherries elevate the standard cherry garnish to new heights.

These cherries make a perfect garnish for Manhattans or any other cocktail that calls for a cherry accompaniment. The dense cherries create a satisfying pop and stand up to the stiffest cocktails. A century-old tradition in Naples, Italy, these stemless cherries (and their luxurious syrup) are a deeply delicious addition to drinks and more. Try topping desserts with these cherries for a decadent upgrade, or use in baking in place of other jarred cherries.

  • STEMLESS AMARENA CHERRIES – Discover a gourmet jar of Collins Amarena Cherries without the stem. Deep purple and juicy, these cherries are perfect for those looking for an authentic option.
  • AUTHENTIC COCKTAIL GARNISH – Perfect for adding the finishing touch, the stemless Amarena cherries are the best way to achieve authentic cocktails that you’d find at even the most prestigious bars.
  • TASTY SNACK – Preserved in extra rich cherry syrup, these rich Amarena cherries can be enjoyed on their own or alongside a platter of savory snacks.
  • DELICIOUS SOUR FLAVOR – These gourmet sour cherries have a strong bing flavor that stands up to the stiffest drinks. Throw a couple of these cherries into your cocktail for a boost in flavor and authenticity.
  • GIFT FOR COCKTAIL LOVERS – These Amarena cherries in syrup are the ideal gift for parties, housewarming, weddings, birthdays, or just as a surprise gift for cocktail connoisseurs.